Agile Training for the Government Executive

A new, free agile training course for government executives has been released on the AGL Academy. View the course content here.

If you’re in the government technology industry, you’ve heard about agile. But how many at the executive level are confident in their understanding of these new concepts? As many have found out, simply applying the “agile” label to process or person doesn’t automatically grant success.

The Agile Government Leaders (AGL) network was created to address this problem. The group’s mission to get agile infused into government processes aligns well with Acquia Professional Services’s own efforts to bring agile methods to Drupal projects in government.

In my personal experience across public sector clients, I’ve found that alignment between executives and implementation teams is crucial to reaping the benefits from agile methodologies. That’s why I highly recommend the recently-released “Agile for the Government Executive” training course, available as part of the AGL Academy.

The course is a free, self-directed training resource written specifically for government executives. In addition to readings and videos, the course includes three hands-on exercises and a decision simulation game to help participants practice for using these concepts in the real world. With particular attention to practical examples and challenges, the course covers:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction To Agile
  • Lesson 2: Tools of Transparency
  • Lesson 3: The Agile Executive Workshop
  • Lesson 4: Agile Procurement, Communications, and Modernization

For anyone interested in a more thorough introduction to agile concepts, check out the additional AGL Academy courses for Agile Project Management and Agile Product Ownership.

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